Over the past few years the relocation of the teams has become commonplace, especially in the IT industry.

And if team relocation is a matter of well-coordinated work HR department, followed by well-established business processes, then the relocation of the company's top management can bring much more chaos and corporate/business practice restructuring to the table.

We are ready to perform company management duties for your business in Belarus in case of its top management and beneficiaries relocation.

We act both as an administrative director (including signing documents, etc.) and “trusted person" who exercises general supervision over the company's activities, based on the instructions of the beneficiaries, ensuring compliance with the principles of transparency and legality of business activities.


We do not work as an “only in paper” director, but perform general business activities supervision, as we are legally responsible to the Company.

We may refuse to perform any operation (signing a contract, etc.), the purpose of which is vague, illegal or is contrary to the interests of the Company (for example, goes beyond the business plan). 


We are responsible for: 

- supervision of non-standard transactions;
- acting as an external "point of control" and a representative of the beneficiary's interest. 

We are not responsible for: 

We do not handle daily office routine. 


Legaltax (LLC) is appointed a management company.

Legaltax Associate with 3+ PQE is appointed the management company representative (the Manager).

The Manager will present at the Client's office during the agreed time within working hours and will be available by mobile/in messengers.

Standard document processing time is up to 48 hours. The processing time might be speeded up (by request).

When it is efficient, the Manager will be supported by other Associates and Attorneys-at-law. 


The Associate supervises the Company's activities and ensures the compliance with legislation and beneficiary's instructions.

All actions are carried out according to the established regulations (if any): for example, operations coordination, etc.

An Independent Person supervises the Company's operations.

Direct access to the team of lawyers with multi-field expertise.

For tax purposes (company residence, permanent establishment), a full-fledged management locus of control (i.e., not nominal management) is introduced.

If you have any questions or would like to request additional information, please contact us: 17 396 9983


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5th floor, office 13,
220030, Minsk, Belarus

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